sábado, 29 de septiembre de 2012

Laura´s Meeting

Last Friday 28 of September  Laura (Jade´s mother) came to our high school to make a meeting because the 26 of September was the day of the languages.
She spoke about her life. And she told us a lot of interesting things:
She was born in Exeter (England), it is an old city, with an important cathedral, and very beautiful buildings, in 1970. She was studding in a school with 90 pupils which the 10% was her brother, cousin... She left the school when she was 16, she didn't like it because the girls couldn't study physics, they sewed and cocked . After that she return to the University when she was 33, to be a teacher. She worked in a high school, but she didn´t like that work, and now work at builder.
When her daughter was 3, They move to Mallorca where they lived 2 year. After that they move to Motril, they are living 10 years.
She loves Spain because of the weather, place, safety, and it´s cheaper than England. She loves the animal, special the dogs, she has got 6 dogs and she had two hamster. Also she like the sea, when she was 8 she learnt to sail.She visited Colombia and Rumania too, but she prefer Spain.

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