jueves, 6 de diciembre de 2012

Virtual trip to Scotland

       Hi!, This is the final activity of the term for this we are going to make a virtual trip to Scotland. In the class we are divided in to 7 group, my group's name is " TEAM OREO", and its composed by Nerea, Elvira, Emanuel and me. In each group we have a teacher (Emanuel), a guide(Elvira), and a catering (Nerea), and a travel agent (me).
      In this project we  have to organised a trip visiting the main parts of Scotland we have to search some information such us: flights, restaurant, hotels, buses, history of Scotland, and information about monuments.
     The trip will last 6 days, and we have a budget of 700 €/pax.  We are going to visit, Edinburgh, Glasgow, St Andrews, the Loch Ness... If you want to know more look at this:

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