miércoles, 13 de marzo de 2013

Hard Rock Cafe

Nerea, Lucía, Elvira and I, are doing a project "This Town Rock". This task consist on built a Hard Rock Cafe. We have to decide where we are going to open our HRC, the badget, decoration, menu, and organization. Here you can see our menu and a letter that we write to the Director Board (that will evaluate our task). We had to write a letter to some bands, to get some memorabilia. Some of the bands answered us but just one (Dark Night) sent us a T-shirt.
The last 14th March we present our project in the high school. On the director board were 2 of our teachers, it was a rehearsal of our true project.

The 19th March, we went to the HRC Marbella where we present our project. At the first, we present our project to the Board of Directors. Really, the presentation was well. After that we visit the HRC and we watched the memorabilia that they had. Finally they give us some present and a very good dished who was nachos.
Here you can see our presentation, our menu and some photos of the real proyect:

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